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Makeup 101

​I started in the makeup field with zero skills, none what so ever.  All I knew is that I wanted to be successful and recognized for my work.  But I had to do the work first, right?

Becoming a successful Makeup Artist is way more than picking up a brush and some name brand products.  It's a skill that must be mastered, the artistry and the business side.  

​If you are ready for the next step, hears what you will leave my 6.5 hour hands on 1-on-1 class with:


The ability to identify the type of artist you are or want to become.  Gain clarity of your ideal clientele because this is imperative in this field. 

​The ability to understand beauty products. Not just who they are made by but what they are made for. You can have a kit full of products and no clue what to do with them.  You will also walk away with product knowledge.  ​










Knowing the difference in the types of products used for different skin types and complexions. Understand the tools that are needed to perfect your canvas.


Knowledge of artist discount programs, apps and social media outlets that will further your brand. Learn about contracts and deal memos for client bookings on your terms.

Trust me, this class is only for the true artist at heart.  I will not work with just anyone, I need the people who are committed to learning as much as I love sharing and teaching.  And if this sound like you...

Makeup 101

Makeup 101

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1 on 1 Makeup class 


Makeup 101 Artist Course  

6.5hr course

Choose 2 expertise for class: 

Bridal - Editorial - Television - Celebrity - Media 

  • Basic fundamentals

  • Kit building 

  • Product knowledge 

  • Hands on application ( model included) 

  • Lighting for photos

  • Model prep for shoots

  • Photo editing 

  • Model photo shoot 

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