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Brides and Grooms: Prepare Your Home for the Big Day without Breaking the Bank

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Alice Robertson

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

The weeks leading up to your nuptials are some of the most exciting and nerve-wracking you will ever experience. While running around and making final preparations, don’t forget about your home. Even if you aren’t having a backyard wedding, you will still have to entertain family or guests at some point, so it needs to look great. This is doubly true if someone is crashing at your place. Of course, your wallet is probably feeling pretty thin after planning your wedding. Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to prepare yourself for the big day.

Home Preparations To-Do List

You want your rings to be looking their best for the photographer. Pick up some jewelry cleaner so you can do the deed and save yourself a trip to the jeweler.

Stock the pantry and refrigerator with healthy, easy-to-make meals. You don’t want to be bloated on your big day, so you definitely want to steer away from salt-laden pre-packaged foods despite their convenience. Instead, grab things like pre-made frozen quinoa and rotisserie chicken that can be reheated and incorporated into recipes.

Get the guest rooms ready for company! Outfit the beds with clean sheets, present towels, and stock up on anything else they may appreciate having on hand, such as bottled water or a scented candle that creates a cozy atmosphere. To keep the costs low, look for discounts and promo codes from stores like Crate and Barrel.

Stop by your favorite local florist and make an order for seasonal bouquets you can put in the kitchen and other common areas that will see a lot of foot traffic. Nothing says “we’re grow-ups and we have everything together” like fresh flowers in the home.

When it comes to looking perfect in your wedding dress, the devil’s in the details. Make sure you have makeup that suits your coloring and undergarments that provide comfort and support for the big day. If you need to pick up a few makeup products before your big day, check out online offers and couponsfrom stores like Sephora to save money.

Money-Saving Tips for Couples

So, you finally have everything you need to get done figured out -- now, how do you do it without going broke? Always shop around for discounts on the things you need. Even if a big sale isn’t going on at your favorite store, there’s almost always coupons, discounts, and cashback offers you can access if you look hard enough. For instance, if you need new sheets for the guest room, check for sales and deals for stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And if you don’t want to spend full price on that new shapewear, take advantage of clearance sales and get cash back for retailers such as Victoria’s Secret. You can also find deals through sites like Honey.

Another great tip for saving money leading up to the wedding is to use your registry to that advantage. For example, you can find cashback offers for Zola when you shop through websites such as Ebates. Zola is also great for couples as guests can opt to contribute to your honeymoon fund if they’d rather gift you with experiences over material possessions.

To make sure you are ready for your wedding day, it helps to have the home prepared. Stocking the fridge and having fresh sheets in the guest rooms only scratches the surface of what you need to do, and in the end, it can add up and strain an already tight budget. Save money by shopping around and never buy without checking to see if there’s a coupon or cashback offer.

Alice Robertson

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